Site Updates! 05/16/2024

05/16/2024 -- Ported application over to Posgres DB & some php refactoring (-:

08/28/2020 11:11pm -- Now ported over to Google Cloud Build & Cloud Run :)

11/25/2018 5:16pm -- We are now running on a Knative cluster ( on Google GKE

11/21/2011 12:13am -- Ok, so this time it took me nearly 4 years to make an update :) I corrected a few things that were causing the pages to not render properly. Still rocking the table based design from 1998 though. Can't imagine the time it would take to rewrite this site properly now.

12/09/2007 -- Well it was time for's every 2-3 year update... Server has been updated to php5, so needed some updates since it was designed back in php3 days. It's now functional again.

01/18/05 01:06PM -- Wow talking about being a few years since I updated my site... umm well I moved it over to the new Sparkhosting Server and I'm going to start working on again...

11/18/03 03:59AM -- Ok, was getting REALLY slow... I solved a lot of problems today and got the page showing in 2 seconds, verses the 27 seconds it was taking prior...

04/04/03 01:41PM -- Today a second batch of updates were released to the main site designed to correct any comments, pictures, folders, articles that were made prior to the delete bug being fixed. All users now own all their items and can delete them with ease. Let me know if anyone see's anything odd, or can't delete one of their objects. Also still working hard on the new design for and improving/finishing/adding features on the site.

04/02/03 10:00AM -- A bunch of minor tweaks and updates made today. For everyone that has not been able to delete pictures... that problem has been solved(yea i know, bout time)... This update doesn't have any of the "new" features in it, but is prepping the site for the new look and new features. Hopefully I'll have another small update ready tomorrow.
01/03/03 11:35AM -- Tons of updates coming today... I thought I would post up some information about an update that I just completed. There is a new method of sorting all the information on Whenever you contribute something to your folder that folder is listed first. The site sorts by the last updated item, so that'll help reward those who are always contributing to the site. More updates on their way!

01/03/03 10:52AM -- Since I went to bed early last night (3am) I woke up at 8am and was very productive. I've fixed numerous little bugs that were becomming annoying. Now whenever you upload a picture or text content your name and how many comments exist will be linked to the correct information. If someone clicks on your name it'll goto your profile. If they click on comments it'll take them to write a comment for the item. Also the user profile's have been updated so that they are easily used. There was a problem when a user uploaded a GIF file the thumbnail would not work, finally got it fixed... Pictures & Text now show up properly in 800x600 resolution. I have just begun my day of massive updates... look forward to another update later :)

12/27/02 6:53PM -- Worked on making the Post / Delete / Edit / Access Control features more user friendly. I would say they are about 50\\% there... so please keep those e-mails coming with the probs you encounter.

I also got a functional user profile up and running. I'm still adding the ability to control who sees what on your profile. At the moment all information kept in user profiles is public.

12/06/02 1:43PM -- Added feature to the directory where it'll display how many items are in a folder beside the folder. I think this will help people know when there is something new posted in an area. I'll also be working adding a system that will show a "new" icon when something new has been posted in an area. Then I'll create something to show a "fire" icon for those areas that grow rapidly.

12/06/03 12:16pm -- Fixed Comments, all registered users should be able to leave comments on all pictures/text/polls from now on :) To do this the auther of the thing being commented on must first add the comment block to the item.

12/02/02 -- You can now access your personal fold by typing in your username then for example to get to my personal pages you'd type in

Also I've added the ability to add links to your folders so that you can make your personal folder your home page and have a list of links there when you start up your browser.

-- djspark

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