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man its been a while sence on here
started my own blog but thats not updated much as well.
ill post a link to it and back to sparks main site here in a sec.

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im back

hey guys and gals im back on here.
ill try to keep this updated from time to time here. hope every one had a good xmas and will have a safe new year.

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a local hero

I thought i would give my point of view of the shuttle blwoing up on its way back home sence one of them is from racine.
If i remember right i saw her around twon a bit and maby even at the store i work at. from what I have have gatherd she was the happy go lucky type. she all ways faced chalenges head on. there are lots of kids from horlick HS that was down in the dumps because she was from there. I think there is even a few teachers that might have still been there from when she went to schoo...

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frist post on DJ's page:)

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second post:)

hey guys well this site is shaping up a lot got to give dj creadit here. ohh yea i will be removing the copy of the pic soon just got to figure out how to remove the comments section.

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